John Glasheen

LifeFlight Retrieval Medicine

I started my career as a paramedic in Ireland, and later somehow ended up graduating from medical school in Cork. I moved to Australia in 2013 to get further experience in prehospital and retrieval medicine, and I’ve been lucky to work with and learn from some amazing prehospital clinicians at Sydney HEMS and LifeFlight Retrieval Medicine in Queensland. I’m currently an emergency registrar in Brisbane, and also continue to work in retrieval medicine. I’m fascinated that the more I learn, the less I’m sure of what I know.

E-Posters by John Glasheen
Failed first attempt intubation - now what?
Failed first attempt intubation - now what?
John Glasheen, Jeff Hooper, Andrew Donohue, Bronwyn Murray-Smith, Renèe Bolot, Mark Edwards